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As I think I had said a few times, I yet do not have a defined style for myself :c , I don't know, I just don't feels that the 'style' I'm using right now it's not the right one for me.

I mean, I'm really glad with the progress I had made in the last months, but it's yet not something I feel that it is really that good...
I had now learned how to make linearts, color it digitally and blah blah blah, but there's still something missing, and I guess is indeed that I need a style for myself...
Also, I'll someday draw other Sonic characters too! c:, I just want to make, firstly, a Tails draw that I feel that it is great...

I think is unlikely I'll even learn how to make those fantastic fanarts with amazing coloring, great shading, beautiful background, etcetera, but I'll always try my best here...

You can also always check out some amazing (and lovely) fanarts in my favorites! c:


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Lucas Lopes
Firstly, I wan't to thank all my watchers,it's a really, really huge support for me and keeps me very motivated to keep drawing...

I'm a very shy, friendly and kind-hearted guy, who's always trying to be nice and always willing to help, so far, I have a passion for driving and flying.

Born in Campinas, since very young I had passion for cars,this comes from my dad,who was a mechanic back few years ago,Eventually,Mazda's Rotary Engine Wankel powered RX-7 had became my favorite car,and as a dream,I hope own one someday.

My passion for planes had came after my first flight,wich was in 2003,onboard a very old,and very used also,Boeing 737-300,I had later the date became a Airbus fan,and the successful Airbus A330 Wide-Body had became my favorite plane.

As for The Chipmunks and The Chipettes,I think I watched when very young 'Meet the Wolfman',however,I did had not much interest back at that times,after the Live-action movies comes out,I started to have interest in Alvin & The Chipmunks.

About Tails,or better,Sonic in general,I think the first time ever I saw anything related was in 2005/2006,when Sonic X was in the TV Here,I remember the first episode I even watched was that one wich Tails defends some animals in Africa or something like that... (makes 3 years since I don't watch any Sonic X episode...),eventually later I had got interested,and played a few games and watched some Classic Sonic Cartoon episodes,so far,I only finished play Sonic Heroes...,lol,Tails always was my favorite,and so far,I do really respect & love him a lot!,there's a lot of things I find amazing about him,the fact he can fly with his tails,his fantastic mechanical abilities,wich allows him to build a whole plane in few hours or basically fix everything!,but also his passion for flying,is just a few examples!.

For the future,I plan to move to the United States or Australia,2 contries wich,I'd really like to live in,I hope and I'll try became a Commercial Airliner pilot,wich is my dream job,I also would like to buy one of those biplanes and paints it like the Tornado 2...

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thanks for the fav! :)
You're welcome!  :D
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adorable arts indeed!
MisterRgbPixels Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you :la:
You're welcome, again! :D
Extra-Fenix Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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You're Welcome!Hug 
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thank you for the :+fav:
You're Welcome!
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